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Baljit’s DP professionals will help you in converting your physical shares into electronic form.




Depository Facilities offered by Baljit (the below content will be just be the Facility name (in bold) when you click on it the description of the service will expand)

De-materialization :

Baljit’s DP professionals will help you in converting your physical shares into electronic form.

Re-materialization :

Re-materialization enables you to convert the dematerialized shares into Physical form.

Trades :

On sale of securities, you are required to give us the confirmed delivery instruction slip duly signed before the deadline so that the PayIn can be made in time to the concerned stock exchange and to avoid the hassles of auctioning. When you buy shares, you have to inform your Client ID and DP ID to your broker and on the PayOut date, we will credit your DP account with the securities bought by you.

Power of Attorney(POA) :

With a view to hassle free DP operation without the worry of accurately filling the DP instruction slip after every trade you can enjoy benefits of POA by giving it to the depository participant.

Pledge :

Pledge enables you to obtain loans against your dematerialised shares. The pledged securities continue to be reflected in the DP account of the clients (pledgor) and are blocked for any transactions. When the pledge is removed, based on confirmations received from both the pledgor and the pledgee, the blocked securities will be released to "Free Balance" of the account holder. The advantage of pledges with the help of Baljit is that the securities continue to be in your account and therefore all benefits--viz Dividend, Bonus and Rights--accrue to the holder, ie you and not the bank (pledgee).

IPOs and Corporate Action :

In case of an IPO allotment, the securities are transferred directly to your Demat account. The same applies for bonus and rights issue.

Easiest :

If you are register with for easiest service services, then transfer instruction can be placed online over the internet to pre-notified clearing Member Pool account. This does away with the need to submit a physical delivery instruction slip.

Easy :

You can register with us to view your Demat account over the internet. This is very beneficial as you can avail services at no extra cost. You will able to view your holding reports, ledger etc. with no extra cost.

SMS Alert(SMART) :

Any one can avail this facility by registering their mobile number with their DP whereby beneficial owner will receive SMS alerts pertaining to transactions and IPO/corporate action credits in their Demat accounts.